Why these products are so cheap?

These Products are under GNO General Public License (GPL) that is free software foundation. We are not developers of these software. So that is why these products are so cheap.

Does getplugintheme.com provide License keys?

We do not provide any license key. All the Themes and Plugins are under GNU General Public License (GPL). You do not need license keys to use these Themes and Plugins.

Is there any restriction to use on different websites?

No, you can use these software on many websites as you can use.

After how many days new products update?

We update products as soon as possible.

Will the products be updated automatically?

No, these products are not update automatically. You can download updates from this website and update manually. If you want to update automatic, you must buy the product from the original developer.

What is the solution to update the products?

We recommend to install the Easy Theme and Plugin Upgrades Plugin to update existing Themes and Plugins. Simply install and activate the plugin Easy Theme and Plugin Upgrades Plugin (it’s free). After activation you can upload a zip file of existing plugin or theme. It will automatically replace the plugin or theme without any loss of file or settings.

Is it legal to use these products without buying license keys?

Yes, it is 100% legal because all the products are under the GNU General Public License.

How can I avoid notifications about updates or buying license keys?

All these warnings or notifications do not disturb the products from running. You can use these plugins WP Hide Plugin updates and warnings and Disable Admin Notices Individually to avoid warnings and updates notifications.

What is the guarantee that all these products are safe from Malicious Codes, Viruses or Advertisements?

We provide open-source software. You can check these products by using these plugins *Exploit Scanner, Acunetix WP Security, Securi Security, AntiVirus, the Service Virus Total, or the Scanner Aibolit.

Do you provide any support or installation services for plugins or themes?

Sorry, we have not support services. If you want support, you can purchase these products from the original Developers. We will try to solve your problem.